May TMP Recap: The Greatest Treasure


We started the night by praying for our community to pray and worship freely. Like the poor widow who gave two coins we asked God to help us worship Him with everything we have in our lives. Like the repentant tax collector in the back of the room, we came before God in our brokenness and hunger. In both humility and confidence as His children, we cried out for Him to come.


We worshiped God’s holiness, longing to build our lives upon His love for the rest of eternity. The Holy Spirit led us to confess that life would not be easy, but that we would carry through with Jesus. These moments of spontaneous praise eventually led us to singularly declare His name. In His victory and His power, we corporately proclaimed Jesus and desired to meet Him through worship and prayer. We began to declare His name over our lives, our fears and troubles. By faith, everyone poured out their hearts before Him, knowing His compassion, His desire for us, His steadfast faithfulness and holiness. Through our praise, we also humbled ourselves by committing ourselves to His will and by confessing His awareness and knowledge of us. Again, He brought us to a place where we recognized that our lives are about Him and His kingdom, not about ourselves. For many of us, we recommitted our months and years to be about Jesus.


During this month’s TMP, Pastor Dennis Cole came to speak on the hidden Sauls in our lives. As we read the Scriptures, we can see that Saul is a warning while David is an example for our Christian walks. While both sinned against the Lord, Saul refused to repent while David confessed his wrongdoings transparently to God. As it says in John 15, if we abide in Christ, we’ll have fruit that last forever. In fact, we can look at Jesus’ example: as a result of His abidance in the Father, His ministry of twelve produced fruit that has touched the lives of millions throughout history to the present day. David was the same way - in good and bad seasons, he would return to the Lord. In his commitment to abide in God, David and his descendants were guarded and blessed in spite of their failings, eventually leading to Jesus Himself.

Yet, when Saul was instructed to wait, he didn’t listen. He tried to lead on his own and do an impossible task that was meant to be led by God. But, by following his own wisdom, he was unfamiliar with the ways of God. There are significant differences between the two kings, Saul and David. Saul knew worldly wisdom, but David knew the ways of God’s heart. Positions and titles do not matter. It’s the heart that God looks at. Everything else comes secondary.

God’s word led us to this important truth: what qualifies us to be used by God is our hearts for God, the worship we give up to Jesus. The Holy Spirit challenged us to have a heart check: are we relying upon our titles or upon our intimacy with Jesus? Do we prioritize our prayer times with Him, our affection and devotion to Jesus? Do we praise Him from the depths of our hearts? Do we trust Him with our time and our troubles? We can rejoice because as we spend more intimate time with God, He faithfully gives His heart to us. And as this happens, everything else follows.

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The Holy Spirit also addressed several obstacles to this great, simple truth. He challenged us to stop idolizing worldly value such as positions and titles. Rather, we ought to place our personal, secret devotion with Jesus as first. Secondly, He called us to break off the spirit of shame when we fall. We are imperfect seeking the Perfect. It is a difficult thing and we will mess up. When we do, the shame we feel can stop us from knowing and growing in His love. Rather than beating ourselves in self-condemnation, we could practice quick, immediate repentance (e.g. 10 seconds) and continue to follow Him. We must break the spirit of condemnation and shame if we desire to live for Christ. Thirdly, we must be aware of time consciousness with God vs the things of this world. Though He has freed us through His death and new life, followers of Jesus should not forfeit intimacy with Christ through lesser pursuits.

As the message finished, we were reminded that Christians truly need God’s actual touch in our lives. We cannot live for Him or truly change on our own. When walking in this new life, when dealing with sin. We need God to intervene. What we can do to cultivate a life of faith is this: position ourselves in humility and present our hearts to God. To desire His heart and His ways. To open our hearts for Him to meet us and do a mighty thing. Let us stop trying to do things on our own strength. Let God take the wheel of our lives and direct us.

We praise God for the timely word and pray that this conviction will resound in our hearts repeatedly so that we may be a people who prioritize intimacy with God as the greatest treasure.

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