Camping in Eternity

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I wrote “Camping in Eternity” in a place where I found myself overly exhausted. I had come to an end of myself, and finally took the time to sit down in the silence in the middle of the night before the Lord. Instead of speaking, rambling, and venting like I always do, I gave Him the space to speak instead.

During this time, I quickly wrote a reflection of how God’s presence was stirring my heart. Sometimes, in the midst of responsibilities that must be tended to, if we do not have the audacity to sit before the One that we live for, we will miss out on the very source that He desires to pour into us to carry out even the simplest of tasks. All He asks is for one second of undivided attention so that He can fill us up. Today, I challenge you to take the time to sit in silence with Him, hear what He is whispering to you. I promise you will not regret it.

Camping in Eternity

When trekking upon the unpaved roads,

it becomes exhausting, demanding of

every fiber of your being.

Sometimes you can lose vision,

and you may have to detach yourself

from the rush of the ambiguity,

which attempts to silence the still voice

that is present right in between.

You admit that you are exhausted, and

look around to find a little cave.

As you settle in the cave,

peace begins to simmer all around,

Taking a breath and closing your eyes,

You remember those familiar eyes,

filled with blazing fire

and oh His sweet embrace

That melts the walls you have built

And His still voice says:

“You can stay in here as long as

You would like, but remember

I am right out there with you too.”

Erin Son is currently a student at Biola University graduating in May as a Liberal Arts major and Bible minor. She also serves on the worship leadership team at Newsong Church in Santa Ana, California. She loves both local and global adventures, making creative projects, and all things ice cream. She comes alive when having rich conversations with family, friends, and particularly strangers. She has a deep love for humanity and for human flourishing. She is passionate about cultivating a culture of authenticity and vulnerability in a fast-paced generation.  

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