August TMP Recap: Wholehearted


The communal desire was evident from the outset of our gathering-- a deep yearning for fresh fire and a genuine encounter of His presence to lead us to the altar. From the very first song to the last, we were challenged to place a fresh sacrifice of praise on the altar. We asked God to fill the room with His presence and reveal to us the areas of our hearts where we needed to loosen our grip so that we would taste and see more of Him. We raised our Hallelujah’s and declared God’s goodness for an extended amount of time as the sweetness of His presence saturated the room.

As He began to touch us and soften the soil of our hearts, the challenge became even more pressing in the room as we were confronted with complacency and consumerism taking place in our hearts as believers, thus, affecting the trajectory of our nation. We were about to experience God releasing genuine fire upon those who brought before Him a fresh sacrifice, but the cost demands all of us.

The Precursor to Revival: Prayer
Pastor Will led us to pray with unwavering faith like Jehoshaphath in 2 Chronicles 20:12 who declared, “We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you.” If we want to see God move, then we must pray prayers that only God can answer. We ought to proactively remember the power and cruciality of prayer and diligently march forth to make way for God to move. We often talk of Acts 3 and the revival that took place. But the precursor of revival happened in Acts 2. The call to prayer and denial of self has never been more urgent and vital for our generation. 


The Call and Our Response
We took time to respond to this call by inviting all those who felt the conviction to be an intercessor, along with those who are involved in prayer ministries as intercessors and/or worship leaders. We made room to let the Spirit convict those who stepped forward and asked for releasing of the gift of tongues and anointing. Pastors, leaders, and other worship leaders alike stepped forward alongside our brothers and sisters to lay hands and storm heaven together in unison. Pastor Andrea prayed that God would reveal his heart to those who were convicted and to everyone else present in the room-- that when we pray, we do not pray out of our flesh, but by our Spirit to witness God move as we say “Yes” and “Amen” in our secret place. We proclaimed that we still believe He is moving and pouring out His Spirit-- we asked for an awakening of the Church to see revival come to fruition in ways beyond our limited imagination.

Pastor Amos led us into prayer over those who have struggled with loneliness in ministry and experienced hurt from the church. We prayed earnestly for the Holy Spirit to come and grip our hearts with conviction, to open them once again so that His glory would fall and anointing would be released for us to continue on our journey with ever-increasing faith. The worship team sensitively carried this moment and led us into a repertoire of “Let your glory fall in this room...Let your fragrance rest in this place...As we gather to seek your face.” 


Wholehearted Pursuit
The sermon was unconventional in that Pastor Jason Nettles dove straight into prophesying “monumental moments” where strong unction would grip the hearts of people and cause us to “draw a line on the sand” once and for all. The Holy Spirit was inviting us to more of Him and it echoed the very theme of this night that was established from the outset-- wholehearted surrender and a deep yearning for fresh fire. Psalm 119:2, Psalm 103:2, and Jeremiah 24:7 were the passages that launched us into the rest of the night where wholehearted surrender became increasingly pressing, not by force, but by the beautiful promise God gave to us. The promise being if we look for Him wholeheartedly, we will find Him.

We took a moment to place our hands over our hearts. We took deep breaths, stilled our hearts, and made way for the Holy Spirit to help us see the aspects of our lives we needed to surrender to Him. Pastor Jason had us imagine our hearts as a house and asked if there was any room we were unwilling to show him. Were there any locked doors or hidden items? Once acknowledged, we invited the Holy Spirit into every crevice of our home and asked God to have his way.


The Cost

God is eager to move and longing to awaken His church, far more than we ever could. It has been easy for us to assume that God wants our service, gifts, and other external things when those are actually meant to be the fruit of our intimacy and revelation of Him and His will. He is not impressed with what He Himself has given us-- He looks at our decisions out of the motives of our hearts and longs for us to surrender that to Him. He is either Lord of all or Lord of nothing at all. 

Our Own Backyard

There will be national attention and Pastor Jason Nettles believes that Los Angeles will gain the needed traction for an awakening of churches and thousands of people-- a move of God is coming to Southern California. God is in the business of miracles and paradigm shifts and we believe God wants to move like that again within our generation. The cost is the surrendering of our will-- then, and only then, will we please God with our genuine faith and witness the fullness of Christ in ways unimaginable.

Daniel LeeComment