July TMP Recap: Do Not Be Dismayed (Get Up)

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We began the night speaking on the things that captured worship: Freedom, reverence, sincerity, and joy. Whether we came from work, our studies, or a hangout, we came with a charge to open our hearts and to be ready to come freely expressing our hearts in front of our Father. We came to cast all our worries, struggles, and anxieties to Christ. As one Body, we joined together and fixated our hearts to worship our Father continually.

We sang our hearts to our mighty God, confessing and acknowledging that He alone is our strength. We sang out our love for Him, lifting our desire of coming into His chambers and dancing at His feet. We pressed into the desire that we simply wanted His presence, that we are simply after His heart. Through our praise, we asked Him to reveal His face more clearly so we could see Him.

During the worship, William and Andrea Chung along with Esther Chung led us into a time of personal intercession. We asked the Holy Spirit to open our hearts to the people He was calling us to pray for. We gave ourselves to Him, trusting Him to speak to us and through us. At this time, we also prayed for our Father to deepen our hunger and our longing for Him, in full confidence and faith that He answers our prayers.  We contended for His people in California, crying out for the Lord to guide us towards a greater priority in prayer. We simply responded to the love He gave us with a corporate cry of “We want you, God!”

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Tonight’s message covered God’s command to Joshua in Joshua 1:1-9. Through this passage, the Lord addressed the act of getting up after tragedy and loss. For Joshua and his people, the death of Moses. He had big shoes to fill, but the Lord commanded Joshua not to be afraid. It is natural to be afraid, but the Lord affirmed His servant to take courage, to not be discouraged or dismayed in the face of setbacks. 

For us, this source of our pain could be a specific event or a lifetime of disappointments and discouragement. Yet, Christ still calls us to “get up.” Christ has seen every tear that fell from our eyes. He knows it is not easy. But the hard truth is that getting up will not be a one time action. It’s an everyday decision where we must choose to get up and ask God for a renewing of our hearts through His strength. Every morning, the challenge of our hearts is to seek His face anew. 

At the heart of our struggle is the discouragement of our imperfect lives. The discouragement within our hearts is not static, but an active force that has a destination. It stirs doubt and paralyzing fear. It leads us to question God’s promises, even with His past faithfulness. We might feel like imposters in our workplaces and our academic programs, having lost our own worth.

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Yet, when we doubt, the Lord continues to promise His everlasting presence with us, just as He did with Joshua. Though he also had moments of failure and doubt, he didn’t lie to himself or God but he allowed the Lord to speak His commands and responded accordingly. Instead of questioning the Lord, Joshua got up and did exactly what the Lord asked of Him. By doing so, he consecrated his fellow Israelites so God could do His thing. In the same way, we must learn to get up. Christianity isn’t about brainwashing ourselves that it’s going to get better. But it’s a matter of getting up and trusting in the Lord. God wants to be with us, and He will consecrate us so we may receive Him rightly. Our difficulties are opportunities for us to let God reestablish trust in our hearts in who He is. Faith requires remembrance. It may require us to trust in Him without fully knowing the path He’ll take us on. But when we trust in God, He will affirm us. 

He will position us to glorify His name. He will strengthen and uplift us to shine His light to all people. In all these valleys and mountains, He walks with us. 

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To finish off the night, we were encouraged to avoid the temptation of taking things into our own hands or using His Word for shallow encouragement and quick-fix solutions. Rather, Christians MUST meditate and actually read and do His Word. Too often, we read His Word just to make us feel good and check off something. But we have to live off His Word - we have to give it space to sink into our hearts so we can meditate on it. There must be space for the seed of His Word to grow and expand and remove the bitter weeds and the shallow rocks. It is far easier to live in hate and bitterness, but we have a Father who loves us and gives us the strength to walk again.

We prayed for the Lord to take away the shame and guilt that has stopped us from reaching the Father. God is interceding for you and going after you. God wants to restore intimacy in our hearts. Let us pray for our brothers and sisters who struggle to get back up to seek our Father’s face. To pray, read, and meditate on His Word, making His word the priority of our lives. Let us encourage one another to seek the Father’s presence, every moment, when we wake to when we sleep!

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