June TMP Recap: David's Relentless Pursuit


We opened up the night with  worship for the God who compelled us to be His people in His love. As we responded to His love, we started to ask the Lord who we could serve. The general feeling in our hearts was for the lost to be saved. Something in us wanted His name and glory to be known to those who don’t know Christ. We wanted to love the Lord through our praise, but He reminded us that true love required obedience. To hear from God, we must give Him our hearts that will obey Him. By following Him in His life, His ways, His words, we truly give ourselves to Him. So together, we asked God to continue revealing the fullness of our hearts and to turn us back to Him. We cried out for Jesus to purify our hearts and to purify the Church. We prayed for the Lord to make us completely one with Him.


We were also reminded of King Jehoshaphat who sent musicians to the front lines of war as he followed His will. In our battles and our daily walks, we felt God calling us to first be worshipers. Sing to Him in the tough times. Trust Him when we don’t know what to do. In all moments, no matter how bright or dark, we must seek Him and see Him so we could worship Him. Hallelujah!

After the worship, we continued to explore David’s life, specifically his relentless pursuit for the ark of the covenant (2 Sam 6:1-23). All of us have set goals for our lives – the question is: what have I done to accomplish this goal? Often, you can tell how much you love someone or something based off of the pain you were willing to endure. Similarly, at one point in his life, King David also set a goal to retrieve the ark of the covenant, the symbol of God’s glory, power, and fellowship with Israel. The reason he wanted the ark so much was because King David desired oneness and intimacy with God.  More than anything else, he desired to have God’s presence. He wouldn’t sleep or rest until he had His presence. As a result of his passion and faith, God gave him and his men victory to retrieve the ark.

What did this pursuit say about David? It revealed David’s pure heart for the Lord. David wanted God to be King of Israel rather than himself.  Today, Christians must want this very thing. We need the ark of the covenant. We ought to make His presence known in our lives, our offices, our workplaces. But let us ask ourselves – is the Holy Spirit at the center of all we do? Would we know if the Holy Spirit left our churches and our homes? Would our ministries and work continue to function the same if God was no longer part of the equation? The danger for the American Church is that we may still be the same without Jesus. Yet, many of our brothers and sisters in third world countries rely heavily upon God’s presence. They are truly dependent on the Holy Spirit in the midst of persecution and ostracization. We must desire and seek God’s presence with our all.


Yet, good intention and zeal are not enough to glorify and worship God. Along the way back to Israel, the ark slipped. A priest named Uzzah reached out to stop it from falling but as a result of his unauthorized contact with the ark, the Lord struck him dead. It may sound ridiculous that Uzzah died for his good intentions, but this shows how serious God takes sin! In fact, the Bible described it as an “irreverent act.” Uzzah’s death highlighted God’s holiness that much more.

The severity of God’s response could have discouraged and frightened David and his men. But the Lord reassured His people that above all, He wanted His people to seek Him. The connection between God’s holiness and His compassion underlines this truth: only when you come to the end of yourself can you receive Christ’s lordship. Yes, someone must pay for our sin to enter God’s presence. We should have offered up something for our sins. But the amazing truth is that Christians have access to God because He gave His one and only Son. Our entire lives depend on Jesus dying for our sins. To access the new life Christ offers, we must surrender our lives to Him.

Surrender is obedience and repentance, but it is also an offering of our joy and gratitude to Him. David not only fought and strived to follow God, but he also danced so much that his robe came off. He forgot about himself in his pure worship of the Lord. He was so undignified that his own wife Michal questioned him in disgust. Regardless of how the world looked at David, God looked at him and his descendants with great favor and undeserved grace. In the same way, when we truly understand and believe the Gospel, we are set free. We don’t have to do a single thing to meet Him because He wants us. We can give ourselves to Him because He loves us so much!


After the word, we prayed for the brothers and sisters who wanted to come to Christ for the first time or desired to experience Him again. We called for a repentance of sin and a faith to receive His forgiveness and grace over our lives. As one church, we declared that our lives belongs to Jesus! We committed that we would give Him everything: our praise, our obedience, our desires. As we repented and sang praises to the Lord, we poured out our hearts to Him again and called for singers and musicians to follow their dreams and passions in Christ. We danced before the Lord, unashamed of His power and amazing love!

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