The Launch of Praise and Prayer


Starting this month, we are excited to announce the official launch of Praise and Prayer (PnP)! PnP is a daily prayer meeting from Monday to Friday with the goal of providing a place for brothers and sisters in the LA/OC area to worship and spend quality time with God. For more insight on PnP, we asked our sister and lead worship director Juliet Yoo to share her heart and vision.

Hi Juliet! Just to begin, could you introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Juliet Yoo and I am currently in the pursuit of becoming a middle school teacher. On the weekends, I serve as a worship leader for TKC NOW, the junior high ministry of Thanksgiving Church. I am also the worship director for our TMP monthly gatherings and the overseer of Praise and Prayer (PnP).

How did PnP begin?

I got a call from Pastor Will (Chung) one day. He shared with me that he felt in his heart we should create an open space for people to meet with God in worship and prayer. The conviction was inspired by the story of King David and his set-up of 4,000 worship leaders at the temple of God. This is how 40 days of PnP started back in the Fall of 2018. After the first 40 days ended, we felt that this was something God wanted us to continue doing for an extended period of time.

What were some inspirations for you as you prepared PnP?

Some of the Scriptures that inspired PnP are found in the Old Testament. In the latter half of Exodus, the construction of the Tabernacle really spoke to me. In Exodus 25:8 it says, "And let them make me a sanctuary, that I may dwell in their midst." As we were planning for PnP, I felt in my heart that we are building a modern day tabernacle where people can come and be in God's presence.

Another passage that inspired us was 1 Chronicles 23:5 and 30. As King David set up 4,000 worship leaders to stand day and night at the Temple to sing endless praises to God, we see that he knew and understood worship pleased the Lord. In the same way, we desire to capture the heart that King David had for worship and bring delight to God in this way.

Who would you say PnP is for?

PnP is for anyone who just wants to spend time with God. There will be worship leaders singing songs throughout the night and people are free to engage in the praises or pray as worship is going on. I see people coming in after a long day at work to unwind before God, people needing space to just get away from the crowd and read the Word and do their QTs.

What is your hope for PnP?

That it would serve as a place where pure adoration is restored in the hearts of God's people. As people in the SoCal area seek Him in the place of prayer and worship, our hope is that they would be reminded of who God is in their lives and their intimacy with God would grow deeper. We are also praying for a great move of God towards intercession as we provide this space for the Body of Christ to intercede for our region.

We pray it becomes a space where people who are seeking to be in His presence can just BE without having to fight for it. You can expect people to be doing one thing, seeking after God's presence. Nothing more and nothing less will happen at PnP. Our prayer is that people wanting to be in that atmosphere/surrounding will come and find it a safe place to be.

What have you enjoyed most as you’ve taken part in PnP?

Seeing people of different social circles and backgrounds coming together to serve God's Kingdom. I don't know how cliche that sounds, but it's been amazing seeing brothers and sisters of Christ partnering together to see this vision come alive because we believe in this. Through our unity, I feel more affirmed that God's hand is truly leading us. It's not just about us, it's about the bigger Body of Christ.

How can brothers and sisters support you and the PnP team?

Come out to one of our nights! We encourage everyone and anyone who desires for more of God to participate and engage in what God is doing. More than PnP or any other ministries attached to this, we believe God is igniting something in the hearts of this region. We just want to follow what God is doing and take part in it. We would appreciate your prayers as God presses things in your heart.

Thank you Juliet and amen to everything you’re saying! To our readers, we invite you to come join us for praise and prayer. It’s going to be a refreshing time for our souls and a renewing time for our relationship with Jesus. See you there!

Information about Praise and Prayer:

Where: God’s Image Building (2nd Floor), 11520 La Mirada Blvd, La Mirada, CA 90638

When: Starting March 5th - Monday to Friday, 7 PM to 9 PM

For questions or inquiries, email

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