February TMP Recap: Moving Forward


At February’s monthly prayer gathering, we sang songs that declared God’s love and power. As praise and worship arose, we so strongly sensed God’s anointing in the room. We thanked Him that He is a living God, one who is not nameless but answers us as Jesus Christ. He spoke to us that His name is above all other names, that Christ's righteousness is what we stand upon. Our worship glorified the truth that the name of Jesus covers our past sins and guilt. Many of us stood to ask the Lord to break off all self-reliant tendencies, that the fire of our altars would burn forever. We spent extra time remaining in God’s Presence lifting up the name of Jesus Christ.

We even took an offering this month, spurred by God's call to the Israelites when they were building the tabernacles. We asked those who wanted to sow into the ministry or if you felt stirred by the sharing of the Israelites giving offerings of gold.


Monday night’s message was from Exodus 14:10-15. With the Red Sea in front and the Egyptian army in the back, the Israelites were surrounded by impossibilities. Behind them lay Egypt, a place of slavery yet comfort. For many of us, we love what we've left behind for Jesus. Our sin was so comfortable, even enjoyable. For others, we mask our insecurities and imperfections with obsession over control and perfectionism. We're always waiting for the perfect moment to follow God, the perfection that will never come from our own righteousness. All of us have the tendency to turn ourselves into the victims, to dwell in what we ought to have and what we deserve over others. Yet God commands Moses to lead his people forward. God gives impossible and suffocating circumstances so that Israelites could not return to what they once were. We cannot go back knowing who God really is. Our calling in this life is to keep moving towards the place that Jesus has called us to walk. We may not know where to go, we may not know what we're doing, but these things become opportunities for God to grow us. We learn to trust God in the impossibilities. We learn who He is when we grow reliant upon His plans and His presence. And where we once followed His pillars of fire and cloud in certainty, the Lord moves behind us so we learn to walk by faith in His promises. As C. S. Lewis says, “Sometimes God withholds His hand from us so we learn to walk.” A parent doesn't stand in front of a child's bike to teach him how to ride. A loving, wise parents stands behind the child and as the child gains speed, let's go.


In this, we follow Jesus' example as well: when Jesus was on His knees in Gethsemane, when He too felt surrounded, he cries out to the Lord to take the cup. Yet, not Jesus' will, but the Father's will. He moved forward to the cross - thinking of each of us as He approached the cross and its nails and the grave. The joy set before Him pushed Him forward. And so, we entered a time of prayer, sensing the same call to yield ourselves to the Spirit’s leading. We felt the Father calling His children to give their lives to Jesus, to trust Him even when we feel surrounded. We prayed for those who have temporarily forgotten the finished work of Jesus Christ to put their trust and lives into His hands again.


Furthermore, we called for God to raise up local missionaries in the seven spheres of influence and that we would move forward in our destinies selflessly and wholly. In fact, we felt a strong conviction to pray specifically for our nation and for God to raise up godly politicians. We know in faith that God was imparting to us His heart and truly believe that our time together in prayer were like incense to God. Praise the Lord for all He continues to do in each of us, personally and communally. We continue to steward the call to raise up local missionaries in all spheres of influence.

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