September TMP Recap: Anointed and Appointed for God's Purposes

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As the night began and we started to praise, God reminded us that our worship matters every time we sing. We sensed that there were those who were tired and weary. We encouraged everyone to press in and surely enough a confidence that we will not leave disappointed for showing up began to arise in our hearts. Lifting our praises to Him, we had faith that Christ would bring forth rest and replenishment.

This past week, there was a sad tragedy of a Southern Californian pastor’s death. Knowing that many of our pastors are not exempt from hardships and personal struggles, we took the time to invite pastors and their significant others to come to the front for prayer. And we laid our hands on them as a symbol of love, gratitude, and support. We felt a sense of healing over their hearts as we acknowledged their shepherding and suffering.

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We continued in our study of David’s journey with God through 1 Samuel 16:14-23. Here, we saw how, after David’s anointing, God leads Saul to appoint David as the king’s personal musician. Though God had given David his calling, God did not immediately turn him into king. In fact, David experienced a period of great trials and sufferings under Saul’s cruelty and madness, even having to dodge spears. What was the Lord saying to us? He reminded us that though God has a calling upon our lives, He first molds and refines us to learn true dependence and stewardship. More than our gifts or appointments, He cares for our character, our relationship with God. Through his days as a solitary shepherd and a weary musician, God taught David how to steward God’s gifts and presence in a manner that gave glory to Him alone. And through this crucible, true intimacy grew between God and David so when he finally became king, he did not abandon the God of his youth.

“Take care of your character and God will take care of your reputation. Take care of your faithfulness and God will take care of your fruitfulness. Take care of the depth and God will take care of the breadth.”

In response, we sang and gave thanks to God. The Holy Spirit led us to intercede for those who felt like they lost such intimacy with God, beaten and tired from unmet passions and dreary realities of work and school. We also felt Him asking us to re-submit our lives to Jesus and to yield and steward our gifts for Him. The Lord pressed on our hearts: whatever door God opens, no man can shut. When we submit ourselves and our gifts to Him, all we need to do is wait and He will not let us down.

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In our extended time of prayer, we sensed a burden to give an opportunity for those who have lost hope for their professions to come before God. As we prayed in honesty, we asked God to cast new vision and passion into our daily work because we are all called to obey and worship Him in all aspects of life. He was not slow to meet and strengthen us exactly where we were. We were comforted by the reminder of God’s main motivation towards us which is love. 

Thank You God for being near to the hungry and broken. We thank You that You are not intimated by our cares or fears but you are working all things good for Your glory and for our flourishing. God, would You grant us eyes to see and ears to hear beyond what meets the eye. We trust and believe that waiting on You is never done in vain. We thank You for your Presence. 

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