August TMP Recap: A Man After God’s Own Heart (Part 1)


Monday night, the AC was broken but that didn't stop us from meeting with God. There was a deep ache and longing in the hearts of the hungry and broken who needed a personal word and touch from God. As we invited the Presence of God into the room with our praise, we knew it wasn’t going to be an ordinary night. The people of God were ready and so was the Lord.

This month, we began a series on David, a man after God’s heart. We read from 1 Samuel 16:1-13 and the question posed to us was this: Why was David called a man after God’s own heart? The answer is this: while other kings found worth and pleasure in their stature, power, and possessions, David took pleasure in knowing God’s love for him. While some trust in horses and others trust in chariots, David confidently and privately tended sheep, knowing that anything he had was by God’s grace. Even when he finally became king, David knew God chose him simply out of His qualifying, justifying love. Nothing more. Nothing less. Therefore, what made David special was that he knew he wasn’t special outside of God. We are not special for any reason except that God chose us. And when one recognizes this simple truth, one cannot do anything but respond in simple, pure worship. Because it is the revelation of His love for us that compels us to love in return. And this revelation impacted him as an individual but also influence his leadership priorities as a king. As king, David dreamt to build a temple for God’s presence rather than to build palaces and monuments for himself. He literally used state money to hire four thousand full-time musicians for worship!

“What is man that you are mindful of him, and the son of man that you care for him?” Psalm 8:4

During our time of prayer, there was a time to respond to God’s love by saying "I love you" back to God. It was a space to receive His love for us without the need to give an explanation or proof of our good works. People began to flood to the altar as if they had been wanting to say it but didn’t feel worthy to. God began to touch the deepest part of their hearts by giving them permission to express their love for Him. As they confessed their love for the Lord, God began to heal and restore. Furthermore, God began to specifically highlight those that believed that their best days were behind them. As God told  Samuel to stop grieving over Saul's failure as king and to "fill your horn with oil, and go," we too ought to stop grieving over our past when the best is yet to come! The best is not behind us but ahead of us. Those who were grieving over the past were invited to acknowledge and believe. And as we prayed and praised together, we felt hope and purpose being restored. We repeatedly sang, “You fill my soul with gladness and You give me a new song” with our backs straight and our heads held high!

For those who struggle in confidently believing in God’s love for them, look to the cross of Jesus Christ. For those who feel as if they lost their fire and passion for Jesus, remember how much God loved and still loves and will always love you. David loved God so much simply because he knew how much God loved him. If David loved God that much with partial revelation, how much more now that we have the full revelation of Jesus Christ? David is a picture, a shadow of the coming kingdom. A foreshadowing of Jesus the face of God and true love. Though we grieve over our sin presently, the grace of God has come upon us so we may rejoice in freedom! As we begin a new month in 2018, let us worship and praise God like we did on Monday’s gathering and share His great love with others. Grace and peace!

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