Breathe Conference 2018


Today, we wanted to highlight a few things God did through the Breathe Conference this past weekend. This conference was birthed out of a desire to see God’s kingdom advanced in the youth and college students through four movements: prayer, missions, high school campus ministries, and college ministries. We saw God answering our prayers as churches, leaders, and students gathered to pray for their churches, schools and the wider body in the unity of Christ. We saw over 900 brothers and sisters excited and committed to obey God’s call to simple obedience. Though our expectations were high, the Lord went beyond our expectations and poured His love and joy over us.

Main Sessions


Breathe Conference began with a powerful time of praise followed by Pastor Joon and Pastor Dennis praying a prayer of humility and unity in our region. After, Pastor Will Chung preached on the jailing of Paul and Silas and their response to grim circumstances. Instead of asking God to help them escape, they worshipped and invited Him into their cells, thus allowing their fellow prisoners and guards to be saved. For the second main session, Brian Barcelona from One Voice Student Missions came and encouraged those leading their campuses. We had a powerful time of laying hands and praying for the leaders. After, Pastor Esther Chung spoke on Luke 5:1-11 and the call to a deeper trust in God’s spoken word. Trusting in Jesus’ character invites us to radical surrender out of joyful obedience. Finally, Sunawh Park, a core leader of YWAM Kona preached on Apostle John and Isaiah and how they needed revelatory vision of God’s full glory before proclaiming Him to the people. Each of these sessions ultimately pointed to a shared truth: That in all of God’s glory, we are to participate in the mandate of worship, prayer and missions no matter what the cost.  




Moderated by Pastor David Suh, a panel comprised of Pastor Will, Pastor Esther, Sunawh, Dr. Andrea, author and speaker Paul Sohn, and Pastor Dennis, addressed the question, “How can we see a kingdom movement among young people?” The Spirit used each panelist’s unique histories and perspectives to encourage and remind us that there is a call upon our lives to live for Jesus and to make Him known. They each emphasized that it cannot happen apart from prayer and holiness. At the end, Pastor Dennis and the panel exhorted the congregation to prioritize prayer in our daily lives. He expressed his conviction that our generation is part of the greatest prayer movement in Church history. It is not extraordinary people who change the world, but an extraordinary God who uses the prayers of ordinary followers. What a privilege it is for us to partake in the Lord’s movement.



Breathe Conference also had several workshops to equip and train our students on how to live for God practically. True revival requires more than a weekend of worship. True revival comes from a renewed life focused upon God’s goodness, practiced through daily obedience. In every area of our lives, the Lord wants to permeate through us for our families, campuses, and workplaces. The workshops consisted of topics ranging from family, campus ministry, calling, prayer, and the Word of God. 


Final thoughts


We ended the conference with Sunawh calling for those who felt God’s call to be sent on missions. Those who responded took off their shoes to demonstrate our willingness to obey and follow Him at all cost. When we see God correctly and personally, we’ll have no other desire but to behold Him and to share Him with the world. He’s calling us to go and make disciples. 

The Breathe Conference is just the spark to the fire. We are praying and believing that the Breathe Conference was a prophetic statement that our region is not only willing to place our differences aside for the sake of the Kingdom of God but also willing to partner in deeper unity and friendship. Let us continue to pray that God will breathe upon the young people of our region. 

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