July TMP Recap: Jesus, Friend of Sinners


Starting this month, the TMP team wanted to introduce a new feature: the monthly prayer gathering recap! These blog entries will be a summary of some major points and highlights God blessed us with during our monthly gatherings. Let’s begin:


Opening worship/ prayer

As we laid our hearts before Christ through worship, Pastor David Suh led us in a short prayer time, interceding on behalf of our local churches. He expressed the conviction that God uses our local churches as the primary vessels to bless our immediate communities. Later during the worship, Pastor Will Chung also invited the congregation to ask the Holy Spirit for a personal word and to sit in what He was saying to us.


Sermon: Jesus, Friend of Sinners (Luke 19:1-10)

This month, Pastor Josh Chun, college/ young adult pastor of SD Calvary Church, preached for our monthly gathering. His sermon tackled the central question “What does God’s love look like towards sinners like you and me?” Using the life of tax collector (aka major sinner) Zacchaeus, he explained that in all of us, there is a God shaped hole in our hearts that only Christ can fill. He also emphasized that Christ loved us so much that he would answer our desperate longing for Him. He went on to describe what God’s love is:


1.       God’s love is personal - when he looks into his people, he doesn’t see a crowd, but he sees individual souls.  God is not looking for a future version of you to love – he loves you as you are in the present.

2.       God’s love is public - Zacchaeus’ repentance was not mere words, but was a public action and response to Jesus’ self-invitation into his home. Furthermore, Jesus did not hide the fact that he invited himself into Zacchaeus’ house.  No matter what we do, God isn’t ashamed to love us. His love for us doesn’t change.

3.       God’s love is powerful - Many times, we act like the rich young ruler who tried to earn God’s love. Yet, Zacchaeus is proof that no one is too far from the Lord or too sinful for God’s love and forgiveness. Whatever we’ve done, God’s love is sufficient for us. Even before Zacchaeus repented, Jesus still loved him and came to his home. It was the kindness of God that lead Zacchaeus (and us) to repentance, not the other way around.


Closing Worship/ Final Thoughts

Pastor Josh closed with an encouragement for attendants and listeners struggling with sin: God’s love for us doesn’t change, no matter what. Only a personal encounter with God can change and save a person. But thank God for His active, powerful, and intimate love. With that, we entered an extended time of prayer, asking God to personally touch us. In particular, we prayed for those living with secret sins that they may respond to God’s love and forgiveness in repentance. Throughout the prayer time, TMP as a body came before God in humility. We asked the Lord: would he raise up people who really believe in the power of prayer? As the prayer time came to a close, worship leader Juliet Yoo led us in a powerful rendition of “Give me Jesus.” 


Brothers and sisters, let’s keep our eyes fixed upon Jesus Christ and His amazing love. We hope this recap encouraged you in your pursuit of God. Love y’all and praying for y’all ~ Have a great week

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