My Weakness Calls on His Power


We live in a culture and society where people obsess over personality tests. We try our absolute best to identify and highlight our strengths while avoiding any discussion of our weaknesses. I see this so clearly in my own walk with God: I always feel the need to maximize my strengths and hide my weaknesses before the Lord. My tendency to always try to portray this image that I have everything together often leads me to take matters into my own hands.

This past October, I let go of my part-time job that I had for seven years. This job was my safety blanket for everything. I used it to cover all areas that I thought I fell short in. If I ever felt insecure about finances, I would just pick up an extra shift and work really hard. If I felt insecure about my calling as a pastor, I would just say to myself, “well at least I still have my job at the restaurant.” However, it came to a place where I could no longer juggle all the things I had on my plate. Being a pastor, going to seminary and working on the side brought me to a place of exhaustion and anxiety.

Letting go of my job, was letting go of my security blanket. I could no longer avoid my weaknesses. If I was insecure about my finances, I could no longer request get more shifts. If I felt weak as a pastor, I could no longer lean on my part-time job. After letting go, I felt fully exposed.

“But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” (2 Cor. 12:9)

In 2 Corinthians 12, Paul starts to talk about a thorn on his side. He explains how the thorn is becoming a hindrance. He even pleads with the Lord three times to take the thorn away from him. Apostle Paul wanted the Lord to remove it so that he can do more for the Lord! However, God responds with, “My grace is sufficient for you.” God doesn't give an explanation for why the thorn is there or why it isn’t being removed but He is telling Paul that even if it isn't removed, he has everything he needs in God to accomplish all that God called him to. This was a reminder to Paul that as long as he has Jesus in his life, there is more than enough grace.

Furthermore, Paul continues by introducing the reality of our weaknesses welcoming God’s power. Instead of asking God to take away my weaknesses, I am now at the place where I am able to welcome and embrace them. The times that I feel a lacking financially, God reminds me that he provides. The times I feel like I want to hide my weaknesses as a pastor, he reminds me that he uses the weak. There are times as a man where I don’t feel like I measure up as an individual, but God will remind me that my worth is found in Him.

Surrendering my job before the Lord left me feeling vulnerable, but it is in that exact place that allowed for the sufficiency of grace to work in my life. I am now able to see that my security is not found in a job, but my security is found in Christ. Now, where I feel weak, I am encouraged by the fact that God’s power is made perfect in weakness. I want to embrace my weaknesses and believe that the Lord is everything that I am not, and everything that I want. His grace is enough for me.

Where are the places in your life where you need to embrace your weaknesses? What is God asking of you to surrender so that you have space to experience that grace?


David Suh received his B.A. in Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations at Cal Poly Pomona and is currently pursuing his M. Div. at Talbot School of Theology. He is also a junior high pastor at Thanksgiving Church and currently resides in La Mirada.

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