December TMP Recap: Pursuing Your God-Given Assignment


We can’t believe that Monday night was the last monthly prayer gathering of 2018! As we sang songs of praise to God, we began to declare His faithfulness and victory over our lives. We were reminded that our duty is to praise God even in moments when we think we cannot do it anymore. Because it is often in the moments when we feel like we have come to an end that God strengthens us and reminds us of who He is. We confessed in song that in the midst of confusion and hardships, the Lord of Hosts surrounds us which led our praise to be filled with vision and confidence in God.

As we began to dive into God’s Word, we were reminded that every person is purposed to fulfilled their God-given assignment. The proclamation of the Word was from Genesis 13, covering Abram’s pursuit of God’s assignment over his life. Pursuing God’s assignment may mean saying goodbye to relationships that hinder or distract us from following the calling God has placed over our lives. We felt God inviting us to place our obedience to Him over our loyalties on this earth. The main goal isn’t to leave them but to follow God’s leading as He moves you forward.


Furthermore, He called us to trust Him by surrender the ultimate outcome and expectations into His hands. Just as Abram allows Lot to choose land first because He trusted in God’s promise, so should we also let go of control and trust God when we make tough, costly decisions. So often, we can be tempted to self-promote our own dreams, desires and agendas and chase after man-made opportunities but God-given assignments promote the glory and agendas of the Kingdom of God. Instead of shifting our eyes for new opportunities, we ought to wait to let God lift our eyes and see where He wants to take us.

Finally, in this pursuit, we must continually acknowledge and worship Him by building altars throughout our journey. Throughout Abram’s narrative, we see him consistently building altars and calling upon the name of the Lord in complete dependence. Therefore, we ought to remember that what we received yesterday is not sufficient for tomorrow. At every step, we build altars to call upon the name of the Lord. Abram’s life is a great reminder that in any environment, in small or crucial moments, we need God. Our calling is not to be significant, successful or powerful, but to be obedient in any and every assignment God has given us. And there is no one else who fulfilled God’s assignment completely surrendered than Jesus Christ. His altar and assignment was the cross and His motivation was obedience and love so that we can have access to His glory.

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During our corporate time of prayer, we responded to His specific commands of obedience and faithfulness by surrendering our dreams and hopes to Him. We could sense His weighty Presence, leading many of us to cry out to Him and to ask for His assignment over our lives. Our cries was ultimately for one thing: to completely yield ourselves to God, to live obediently and humbly before Him. For some, that meant surrendering certain relationships. For others, it meant yielding to God wholeheartedly once again. We believe that it was a sacred moment of God marking His people and reminding them of the unique and distinct assignment over their lives. We ended the night by singing to God with sincere hearts, “Lord I Offer My Life to You” in one voice.

As our last monthly gathering of 2018 came to an end, we could not help but thank God as He has been so faithful in meeting with the hungry and broken. We have seen Him respond to our faith and hunger for His nearness. And we are so thankful for His love that He has not withheld from us. This fills our hearts with expectation for all that is to come.

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