November TMP Recap: Courage Found in the Glory of God


Monday night was a clear reminder that something happens when hungry and broken people come together to worship God. The change in the atmosphere as the hungry cry out for more and the broken cry out for healing is undeniable. We’ve seen it evidenced that as we sing praises, it becomes about one thing: Jesus. On Monday, we lifted sweet, intimate songs of praise as we gave ourselves to Him. Through our adorations and exaltations, we were invited to declare Jesus’ lordship over our lives once again.

Continuing a series through the life of David, we learned that biblical courage is not found in our outward appearance, but in our inner zeal for the glory of God. In the story of David and Goliath, we see two forms of courage. The first is founded upon outward appearance and giftings. Goliath based his courage in his great physical form, combat experience and brilliant armor. He taunted and threatened the Israelites, confident in his raw ability, strength, and stature. However, David’s courage came from a passion for God’s name and a righteous anger over any insult to His Lord. His unshakeable confidence were founded upon his love and secure belief in God’s sovereignty and faithfulness.

David was not brave because of nationalistic pride or self-promotion. Rather, his boldness was birthed by his reverence for the glory of God. In the same way, we ought to find our strength by seeking to give God the glory. Yet, what shall we do? Become more like David? In reality, we are more like the scared Israelite soldiers than we are like David. So fearful and afraid, incapable of moving beyond ourselves. But the beauty of the Gospel is that we find our courage, not from pretending to be David, but by looking to and trusting the greater David who is, Jesus. David defeated Goliath but Jesus defeated sin and death. David risked his life but Jesus gave His.


During our corporate time of prayer, we believe God was restoring true courage in the hearts of His people. Courage to live for His name, to live out the calling and dream God has for us. In pursuit of His presence, we submitted our own dreams to die so He could birth His dreams in us. As we wrapped up the night, we lifted our hands and called upon the name of Jesus in unison. As one body, we confessed all is for the glory of God. All we are, all we do, all we want, all we’ve lost. We sang “Put me anywhere, just put your glory in me, I’ll serve anywhere, just let me see your beauty.” There was a sweet invitation for us to lay our lives down at the altar once again. Our studies, our work, and everything we are, is for the glory of God.


Lastly, Pastor Will invited us to pray for a continuation of 40 Nights of Praise and Prayer to arise 365 days for the glory of God. For the hungry and the broken to have the space and place to come praise and pray but most importantly, for praise and prayer to rise like incense 365 days before God. We prayed together in one voice, desiring to do what would bring much delight to God.

We are so in awe of God’s nearness and continual outpouring of His love upon His people every single time we gather together to worship Him. Something happens every single time because God is drawn to the hungry and broken. He not only comes and leads us to a place of absolute surrender but also to a place of complete assurance and freedom that is only found in Jesus. We are so grateful for the way God spoke and moved on Monday night and cannot wait to see how He continues to lead the hungry and the broken in our region and beyond.

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