Testimonies from 40 Nights of Praise and Prayer


40 Nights of Praise and Prayer has concluded last Friday. The conviction to start 40 Nights of Praise and Prayer was birthed out of a desire to have a space where our brothers and sisters could come to rest in God’s presence. In our sister Joanna’s words, “There is a special fragrance of worship that arises when hungry, broken people come to simply be in God’s presence... I knew I would be undisturbed, free to worship and pray to my heart’s content.” We have witnessed students, parents, churches and those coming straight from work coming to simply meet with God.

We have asked two individuals to share their personal experiences during these nights of praise and prayer:

Hansub Lee

“I drove to the God’s Image building for 40 Nights of Praise and Prayer. That day, it was difficult to pray. Earlier, I had been angry at my parents and at God who seemed to leave me in the midst of my suffering. I tried to imagine Him there, to look into His eyes. But I saw nothing. Heard nothing. I sat in misery, unable to hear Him, let alone love Him. But I knew my heart had hardened. In spite of my anger, I knew I had to stay with Him. So for forty minutes, I stayed.

Then one of the worship leaders sang:

All I want is to live within Your love… Be undone by who You are

My desire is to know You deeper... Desperate for a touch of heaven

My heart responded violently to these words as they pricked a longing within me. The longing to be with God. To be with the One whom I first felt loved by. To be with the One whom I first felt safe with. I couldn’t stand being so distant from Him in my heart. I needed to be close to the One I love.

That night, God came and met me face to face. It was different from the morning. Earlier, blinded by my anger, I could not see His eyes clearly. Now, in clarity, His eyes were soft and full of love for me. He met my eyes with His own eyes of mercy. I felt my eyes starting to mirror His. As I glimpsed God’s heart, my own heart softened.”


Joanna Lee

“The 40 Nights of Praise and Prayer has been a great blessing to me in my personal relationship with God. Every night I’ve gone, I brought different emotions, burdens, and prayers. Yet, each time has been such a sweet time of intimacy with Him.

I’m currently a high school pastor in Corona. And one night, I decided to bring my praise team as well as other students to one of the nights so they could catch the heart of worship and simple love for God’s presence. I feared they wouldn’t enjoy it. However, to my surprise, my kids started engaging in worship and prayer throughout the night. As they heard from God, I took the chance to pray for each one of them individually. Afterwards, my students shared how they had a blessed time, one even saying he wished it would have gone on longer! My praise team leader got so inspired that at our next Friday Prayer Night, she took the initiative to have the team prepare 11 songs. Now, the atmosphere of our church services genuinely feel different: there is a greater hunger for God’s presence. Students listen and engage more. I saw there is real power in God’s presence to awaken and move hearts.

I also had the privilege of being one of the worship leaders leading for two hours. Though physically tiring at times, it was such a fun and life-giving experience. I love leading worship, but don’t have the chance to do it often. I felt the whole two hours for each set gave me the freedom to express my worship in ways that I hadn’t before, leading new songs as the Spirit led. Furthermore, I got to observe others in their own time with God, a rare treat and blessing. I am confident these times of prayer and praise has reminded believers of their first love for God, the primacy of abiding in His presence, and the call on their lives to pray for and be His light in their communities. I feel grateful and humbled to have been able to take part in it.”


Would you pray alongside us as we pray and seek God’s heart for this region? As we shared at our monthly gathering, we are praying and seeking God’s leading in possibly turning our 40 Nights into 365 Days of Praise and Prayer to arise before God. Nothing fancy or flashy. No speaker and no message. Simply a space for the hungry and the broken to meet with God in praise and prayer and the Word.

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