October TMP Recap: Nothing to Prove & Nothing to Lose


At Monday night's prayer gathering, as people trickled into the temporary location, the open space seemed to represent the open space we had to meet with God. We wondered if the room would be too big but it felt full with hungry and broken people and His intimate Presence. As we sang praises and ascribed honor and glory to the name of Jesus, we sensed a deep yearning to remove distractions that were hindrances to love. Calling for those who felt a conviction to live wholehearted lives for God, we saw a powerful move in the Spirit for radical commitment in the room. As we gave ourselves fully to God, a time of intercession for Southern California arose like a roar from the depth of our spirits.


Andrea Chung brought a timely word from 2 Samuel 11:1-5 forged with her own personal testimony of God’s present ministry to her. As we continued through the life of David, we were confronted with self-worth issues that laid dormant for so long. We took a closer look at King David who, at the height of his powers, sinned by sleeping with a married woman and eventually ordering her husband’s death. Like David, if we believe even for a second that it is by our own doing that we have established ourselves to a certain position, we will feel the pressure to preserve and protect ourselves no matter what it takes. The struggle with anxiety and a deep craving for significance will cause us to live with a constant need to prove ourselves.

The root of our despair is found in our need to find our worth in what we’re doing. Yet, it becomes exhausting because it is never enough. We compare ourselves to others who seem like they have it together and fruitlessly try to prove ourselves as valuable. But we fear and despair because we forget the One who is in control. We forget how loved and accepted we are by God, the only person who truly knows us.


In Psalm 51, we saw David’s response when God confronts him: with humility and truth. We felt the Holy Spirit reminding us that God’s love doesn’t depend on what we do, but on our identities as His beloved children. As we let that truth sink in, we prayed for two different groups of individuals: people who felt paralyzing guilt and shame over themselves and those who placed all their worth in their work and the approval of man. We cried out to God for freedom and for a deeper knowledge of His love for us. As some stood, some knelt, and some came to the altar with surrendered hearts, God began to break off rejection, guilt and shame and replaced it with a revelation of His personal love.

We believe that on Monday night, God did a deep work in the hearts of the hungry and broken to set His children free from the burden of restless living. A sweet reminder that we are already loved, approved and delighted in by Him rested upon us as we gave the rest of the night to Him.

God, we thank You that You know us and You speak to our hearts so tenderly and personally. We thank You for Your sweet Presence at our Monday prayer gathering. Your Presence truly changes everything. We thank You for Your nearness and for the reminder that we are already Your beloved children who are so dear to You.

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