about tmp


What is The Meeting Place TMP?

The Meeting Place (TMP) is a prayer and training center that aims to catalyze a move of God in Southern California by raising up God’s mighty army who make God’s name known where they are. Our heart’s desire is to provide a space for the hungry and broken to come and meet with God through prayer, praise and the proclamation of God’s Word. We also desire to be a launching pad where people will be trained and equipped to further God’s Kingdom wherever God has placed them.  

Inspired by Psalm 63, we believe that there are hundreds and thousands of people in Southern California who are yearning to be in the presence of God. In this Psalm, David expresses his hunger, thirst and yearning for God. David is thirsting after the presence of God as he journeys through the wilderness fleeing from his son Absalom. TMP is for those people who feel that they may be in the wilderness but yet have a deep thirst and longing for God.

TMP is also for broken people. It is for people who are broken by the hardships of life and need a touch from God. There are some things in our lives only a touch from God can heal. The Samaritan Woman crushed by her broken relationships with men, found her healing in Jesus, the living water. Earthly things have left many people dry and broken from life and only an encounter with Jesus can bring them to life.

TMP is for these two type of people; the hungry and the broken. We invite you to join us if you are hungry for the things of God or are broken and need a touch from God.

Our Mission

To catalyze a move of God in Southern California by raising up God’s mighty army who make God’s name known where they are.

Our Values



We value the power of praise and worship. We believe people will experience God during our time of praise together. Therefore, we will have a heavy emphasis and extended time of praise and worship.


We value the power of prayer. We believe God moves in and through our lives through prayer. Therefore, we will have an extended time of prayer at every gathering.



We value the wider body of Christ. We believe God wants to spiritually revitalize the wider body of Christ. Therefore, we will partner with local pastors, churches and ministries to join us in our gatherings.


spirit’s leading

We value the voice and leading of the Holy Spirit. We believe the Holy Spirit speaks and will lead God’s people. Therefore, we will not make any decisions apart from seeking the leading of the Holy Spirit.


We value training and raising up spiritual leaders. We believe everything rises and falls on leadership. Therefore, we will train and raise up spiritual leaders who will serve the local church and advance God’s Kingdom where they are.



We value people having a deep and personal relationship with God. We believe people will meet with God through His personal presence. Therefore, we will teach and preach on having a deep, intimate, personal relationship with God.



We value the proclamation and preaching of God’s Word. We believe God will speak and convict people through the proclamation of His Word. Therefore, we will be committed to proclaiming God’s Word during our times together.

"One thing have I asked of the Lord. That I will seek after: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord and to inquire in his temple.”

- Psalm 27:4